Yukie has studied many disciplines to instructor level, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki healing, Thought Field Therapy, Flower Essences and Holographic Therapy. 

Yukie qualified as an advanced Quantum Touch (QT) practitioner, the first QT Instructor to be accredited in Japan.  She also successfully introduced the technique to Australia in 2003.

Incorporating further research and developments based on success, Yukie has since developed her own fast-track and effective method which, according to clients, is the fastest, deepest and most effective.


Yukie has developed her strong psychic abilities since her childhood in Japan, including the challenges of being a sensitive empath - feeling the emotions and even pain of others as if they were her own experiences. Although she could see, hear and feel much information about people and could communicate with spirits, as a child she could not understand the meaning of what she could perceive.

After many years of intense study, self-healing and inner work Yukie now expertly distinguishes the source and structure of deep-seated feelings and emotional connections.

Living and studying in various countries for 13 years, Yukie is now based on the Gold Coast in Australia and helps local and international Japanese or English-speaking clients resolve problems requiring spiritual guidance and counselling.




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