Yukie tunes to your aura or spiritual essence and connects with energies and guides within the Spiritual dimension to help resolve issues, relieve pain, or just find more positiveness, clarity and joy.


Sessions normally take one hour, either face-to-face or remotely. Currently sessions are priced at $120AUD


can you heal or relieve pain?

Correctly used, these techniques usually achieve excellent results to
heal or alleviate painful problems. Also, releasing emotional issues connected to these body areas releases locked in pain.
(This is not a substitute for qualified medical practice).

what is deep energy healing?

Beneath pain and problematic issues there are emotional thought patterns and ‘seeds’, with many connections that hold them in place. It takes much knowledge and skill to find and clear these effectively.

can you foretell my future?

Spiritual guidance often reveals important things that are yet to happen. But your life’s choices can create different destiny paths. So Yukie focuses on getting answers to confusing questions and guidance which gives a clear direction — a pathway to the most rewarding future.

how do sessions work?
can they be done remotely

Many clients find the answers or relief they seek within a one-hour session, but some prefer several visits to handle many or very complex issues. Ideally the first session is done in person, but this can also be done over the phone or Skype quite effectively.

what is psychic guidance?

Email info@yukiekohata.com  Call a telephone/Skype consultation or appointment on the Gold Coast, Australia.  + 91 7992495733