“As a medical doctor I don't accept psychic or spiritual concepts that are not based on scientific proof but I can't deny what I experienced.
During my session I asked Yukie about some unresolved issues around relationships.  I gave just the name of someone from a previous relationship and Yukie was able to describe her appearance and give accurate information about the relationship including very private information that no one else could know.  Yukie explained that when I have had a negative relationship with someone this will create a "cord" that will continue to affect me.  It seemed that Yukie could see and cut those cords.  I felt very refreshed after this and now have a clear sense of direction for solving these relationship issues.
The biggest surprise for me was the advice Yukie gave about as simple eye operation I was planning to have.  Yukie asked my guide about it, and the response was that my case was very unusual and I shouldn't have the operation, because as I got older my eyesight would get worse! I didn't believe this because Yukie had no knowledge ophthalmology and I was already booked in.  But I went to an eye specialist and to my surprise they confirmed everything Yukie had said.
Yukie also helped me contact my Grandmother who had died suddenly and also an ex-girlfriend who had died through illness.
I had always carried the feeling that I couldn't say my last words to them both but now I feel better and resolved about this. Yukie really helped me to transform my life.”

Dr T. I. (Surgeon)


”After many psychic readings, finally Yukie’s answers were easy to understand and very specific, so I got the result I wanted.”

S.Y. (Mother)

“I have known Yukie Kohata for several years and for the past eighteen months I have been a regular client of hers, benefitting from her psychic, clairvoyant and healing abilities. I have had a great deal of experience with these things and have trained in these modalities. In my decades of experience, I have yet to meet a healer with her unique qualities.
Because she is extremely scrupulous to keep her own thoughts and ideas out of the therapeutic relationship, she is highly accurate. Yuki has helped me with a variety of financial, business planning, health and personal and professional relationship issues with a high degree of success and accuracy.
Yukie is highly ethical and principled and she combines those qualities with a unique gift, strengthened by years of training and learning. I can recommend her without reservation.”

W.S. PhD (Consultant, Director, Author)

“Yukie has helped me on several occasions over many years. Her insights are always spot-on. I can really trust her psychic ability.”

M.A. (Hotel Owner)

"Initially a bit sceptical, I now recommend Yukie to my friends and colleagues. After several energy healings I can absolutely attest to miraculous recovery from various physical and emotional problems.  These included a 20 year old shoulder pain now gone, extensive varicose bruising on both ankles (which simply disappeared during the session!), chronic lower back pain, even reducing my craving to 'medicate' with sugary foods!"

D.W. (Business Consultant)


“I have twice experienced “psychics” who don't seem to know many specifics but charged a lot, so I decided never to trust this type of thing again. But from Yukie’s counselling I have learned more in one year than I have my whole lifetime. My husband was a sceptic at first but he joined me and gained so much as well, now our whole family shares more love and understanding.”

R.W. (Yoga Instructor)

"At last I can understand how my partner has been thinking! I was trapped in a pattern as we kept going through the same problems again and again without even realizing what was happening. With Yukie's help I was able to break free from this trap and began an exciting new stage in the relationship with my partner.

M.W. (Secretary)

"Three times now Yukie has given me advice from spiritual Guides about my future, two of them to do with big work/career decisions.  All three predictions were absolutely correct and the guidance helped me make better, more responsible and eventually much more successful choices.

T.S.  (Writer)

"I had been having continual arguments with my ex-partner.  Through the session with Yukie I came to see that, although we were separated I was still in a co-dependent relationship with him, and he was very much a mirror for my own patterns. Once I knew how he was thinking I could easily make the decision to finally end the relationship and move on."

K.T  (Nurse)

Yukie's abilities and methods have changed the life of many clients.
Common successes include:

improved relationships

contacting loved ones who have passed

successful work decisions

improved health and vitality

relief from chronic pain

understanding partners and friends

solving deep emotional issues

gaining more confidence, grounding



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